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Simplify Your Beauty Routine: Lipstick

Red LipstickClassic red lips brighten the face and look good on everyone, no matter what their age or ethnicity is. It shortens your daily makeup routine significantly because it calls for less eye makeup.

Unfortunately, the majority of women shy away from the strongly pigmented colour and prefer glosses, convinced they will look like a clown. Have you seen a clown? It would take a lot of effort on your part for that to happen. Seeing such a bright colour on your face is an adjustment but I promise you, you will not look like a clown. Plus your hair won’t stick to your lips like it does with gloss. Just remember not to overdo the rest of your makeup and don’t choose a shade that is too maroon or dark as this can look a little foreboding.

My rule of thumb for lipstick: try to own no more than three (unless you are in the beauty industry. Lipstick should technically be thrown out after 12 to 18 months anyways). Otherwise you are giving yourself too much choice and you will deliberate too long when you are getting ready/packing.

The three should all serve a different purpose. I have one for evening or more formal occasions (a deeper red); one for everyday use (brighter red); and one that is a more subtle, moisturizing pink tone. I appreciate that everyone has their favourite brands but I will say that Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Lip Colour is without a doubt the best for really dry lips. Even better than chapstick (which doesn’t even work), oil, vaseline, liquid rainbow…you get the idea. Happy Valentine’s Day!

2 Responses to Simplify Your Beauty Routine: Lipstick

  1. Liz says:

    I love the creamy lip colour! You’re right it is so moisturizing!

  2. Annie says:

    I love red! It’s so nice and Bobbi Brown and Channel lipsticks are awesome. Love the pic!!

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