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Scarves and Boots

Errands Run

Scarf(Burberry Brit Wool Coat, Club Monaco Cashmere Scarf, Acne jeans, Isabel Marant Dicker Boots)

A simple outfit for a day entirely meant to be spent outside. It was a bit cool though, despite how it looks. One thing of note – this scarf doesn’t shed on my wool coats, so if you have scarves that are guilty of this (lint rollers only do so much), choose cashmere/silk blends. They will behave, unlike wool. Also with regards to ankle boots – if you want a pair you will actually choose to wear consistently, stick to heels 2.5″ and below. Anything higher and you won’t wear them as often as you would like. If you have a narrower foot, choose French designers as they tend to cater to this shape more.

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