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Own only what you love


My first post, Minimalism and Style, explained my style philosophy and guided readers through the process of cleaning out their closet. Coincidentally, after posting it, Cuyana (a San-Francisco based clothing and accessories company that advocates fewer better things) launched a Lean Closet Movement series, which concluded today. I really respect this company and its philosophy. We both are advocating the same thing: own only what you love.

To have a great sense of style, you need to be surrounded by things that inspire you and that you love and learn to weed out all the “noise.” Decluttering is the first step towards being able to develop your style and in turn have a beautiful home, a functional closet, a lighter schedule and a healthier lifestyle. Without it, all these things become very difficult.

Over the past year, I went on a decluttering spree. The more I did it, the better I felt. Now there is less stuff around, I spend less time cleaning, less time making choices about what to wear and more time doing the things that I love. I am also extremely careful with the purchases that I make and only part with my money if I feel that I am getting something that will truly add value to my life.

By posting style inspiration pictures and recommendations, I hope to inspire and help you to find out what your essentials are and live with less things that are better quality.

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