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Minimalism and Style

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For my first post, I will begin by writing about the two founding principles of my blog: minimalism and style. With regards to minimalism, remember there are varying degrees of minimalism and it does not just apply to home décor. It can apply to everything you do, wear, think etc. It is actually just a fancy word for simplicity. Keep it simple. Often the best outfits, homes and makeup looks are the simplest with a touch of something unique.

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The ultimate goal is to have a “minimalist” wardrobe in the sense that everything in it you love and wear. As Michael Kors said, “…I think women are realizing that maybe they don’t need a closet full of clothes. They just need the right clothes.”

I am sure everyone at some point has looked in their jam-packed closet and felt they had nothing to wear. I know I did. Going through my closet really helped me hone and define my style and I highly recommend it as an excellent way to further develop your signature look. While I know going through a closet does not require a manual, sometimes it helps to get affirmation that it is okay to get rid of something you’ve been holding onto if it fails to meet a certain criteria. Therefore I have put a little guide below as you go through this process:

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There will most likely be commonalities among the clothes that fit but were never worn. Most likely this is a style that you should be vigilant about avoiding next time you go shopping since it clearly didn’t make you feel quite right. You’ll find after this exercise that you will have a clearer idea of what you need and what works for you and it will be much easier getting dressed in the morning. Not to mention having a nice clean closet doesn’t hurt either!

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