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Makeup Brush Storage

Makeup Brush Storage

I was perusing the Pinterest Home Organization boards one rainy evening (I am a neat freak) and I came across some ingenious ways to store makeup brushes. Chances are, you most likely do not get as excited about storage ideas as I do, but hopefully you will like this one.

I have a large collection of Bobbi Brown makeup brushes that I have acquired over the years and I was previously keeping them in one of these cheap IKEA silver tins.

IKEA Bathroom Mug

After my wedding in August, we had so many square vases left over and as my parents do not like to waste a single thing, I conveniently stumbled across one on a visit to their house one afternoon. Filled with some lima beans, this storage method is a very handy, easy and interesting feature on the bathroom counter. While I am a strong advocate against counter clutter, I have allowed this one item on my bathroom counter as it keeps the brushes separate, makes them easier to find and I use them daily.

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