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The Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit 3

Jumpsuit 2


Larsson & Jennings Watch(Aritzia top (similar here), Babaton Armstrong pant, Vince Preston slip-ons, Larsson & Jennings watch, Ray Ban Wayfarers)

I am sure all of you have seen at least one magazine or store display featuring this spring’s popular jumpsuit. Some are floral, some are plain, some are made from silk, but there is no getting around the fact that they are simply fashionable onesies. Do I think jumpsuits are here to stay? Probably not, which is why instead of buying one, I have combined separate timeless pieces to mimic this transient trend. However tempting it may be, always look at different ways to combine items in your wardrobe already before purchasing a ready-made trend.

3 Responses to The Jumpsuit

  1. Giana says:

    Enjoyed this post. Jumpsuits are indeed transitional. Great advice on working
    with what you have to channel a similar look!


  2. Anny says:

    Nice relaxed outfit and beautiful hair, as always!

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