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Na Pali Coast

2013 was a huge travel year for us! We visited eleven countries and over 30 cities. One of our favourite destinations by far was Kauai, Hawaii. We had initially considered Bora Bora but I am so happy we ended up going to Kauai instead. It is such a beautiful place and the people there were so friendly. We stayed at the Ko’a Kea Hotel & Resort, at Po’ipu Beach. My favourite part of this hotel were the lovely breakfast mini muffins (if I am honest they were more like mini cupcakes) served with whipped cinnamon butter.

Koa Kea Hotel

Picking an island on Hawaii can be very difficult if you can only visit one. While I have only been to two others – Maui and Big Island – I can confidently say that Kauai was my favourite. Maui is excellent for surfing and rougher beaches. Big Island is perfect for young families however I feel Kauai is a perfect honeymoon destination. It has enough things to do if you aren’t the sort that likes to lie around and crisp yet it has a serenity that everyone seeks on a vacation.

Things to Do List


Kauai Drive

Waimea Canyon

Shipwreck Beach

Hawaii Lighthouse

Na Pali Coast

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