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How many sets of dinnerware do you really need?

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My parents are in the process of getting their kitchen painted. Seeing all their glassware and fine chinaware temporarily setting up residence in the living room made me wonder – in today’s society, which is no longer steeped in tradition, how many people still keep more than one set of dinnerware?

When I first moved out, I was dead set on buying two sets – one for everyday use and one for fancy occasions, simply because that is what my parents had. However, it wasn’t just my cupboard space limitation that stopped me. Thinking back to how much my parent’s extra sets were used over the years, I realized it was one tradition I was 100% willing to part with. Remember the episode in Friends with Monica’s plates?

Friends QuoteEven if you entertain a lot, I think it is better to buy one good quality set you really love that is dishwasher and microwave friendly (a must!) and actually use it. Everyday. After all, things are there to be used, not saved. Why keep more things that will just be a hassle to move and store? Make life easier for yourself. As for how many you should have in a set? I can’t help quoting from Sleepless in Seattle: “Ten. Eight is too few. Twelve is too many.”

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