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Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans 2

White Blazer

White Blazer 2(Trouvé blazer, Wilfred Sèvres blouse, Rag & Bone The Dre boyfriend jeans, Stuart Weitzman Poco pumps,
Celine Large Trio Bag, Michael Kors Mini Bradshaw watch, Ray Ban aviators)

One look I am favouring for a casual dinner out is boyfriend jeans with heels and a blazer. It is a polished look, yet edgy and casual at the same time. Rarely will you see me in heels (I look like Bambi on ice in them), but these kitten heels are the ideal height (1.75″) for those who are not comfortable walking on stilts. Even those who proclaim high heels to be comfortable must be feigning superpowers or else the so-called disturbing “Cinderella Surgery” wouldn’t be as popular as it is. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your search for the perfect dessert place than protest at every step and silently beg your companions to just choose the place right in front of you before you need to buy a new pair of feet?

Nude heels are definitely a wardrobe workhorse for me and they are my shoe of choice for work, dinners and weddings in spring/summer. You cannot go wrong with a pointed, nude heel. Always invest more in classic-style shoes such as these because, provided you take care of them and re-sole them when necessary, they will last a very long time. I can attest to this.

Boyfriend jeans are a very useful item to have as they can very easily be dressed up or down with just a simple change in footwear. They do come in varying fits, so if you don’t want to look like Katie Holmes back in the day when it actually looked as though she was wearing Mr. Cruise’s jeans, opt for a slim-fit like these Rag & Bones. They give you just the right amount of space, enabling immediate relief from the vice-like grip of skinnies.

As for the white blazer – as I mentioned in my spring picks – this will come in handy in the warmer months ahead (they will come one day…)

4 Responses to Boyfriend Jeans

  1. T. says:

    Nice look! I like that blazer!

    • Émilie says:

      Thanks! It is a very practical blazer for warmer weather – very lightweight.

  2. Giana says:

    Blazer’s are a girls best friend! Indeed I agree with the nude heels.
    But i am so horrible at keeping that clean!

    Love the simplicity of your outfit post.


    • Émilie says:

      Thanks Giana! These ones are actually pretty easy to keep clean because they are patent so they don’t scuff as easily. Less maintenance :)

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