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RMS Beauty

RMS BeautyI finally got around to trying some of the famous RMS Beauty products. In case you haven’t heard of this brand, RMS actually form the initials of the founder, Rose-Marie Swift, a well-known make-up artist, whose work has been featured in numerous acclaimed magazines and on many celebrities, most notably Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bündchen. After many years in the industry, Rose-Marie began to experience health issues and it was discovered that she had toxic levels of metals in her system, accumulated from years of using chemical-laden products. With her many years of experience, she set about creating a line that would not only be free from chemicals but that would look good on the skin. More information on the ingredients can be found here.

The products I bought were the lip2cheek in Modest, the living luminizer and the lip & skin balm. They are very natural looking products and I am very happy with the ease of application and the finished look. I also love the recyclable glass jars they come in. While many people prefer tubes for hygienic reasons, I find so much product gets wasted when things are kept in tubes. You can always use a scoop if you are really concerned about it.

If you would like to try them, there is a list of places that carry them here. I got mine from a lovely little store in Kitsilano called Wishlist Boutique.

Rose Hip Oil

Rose Hip OilThe weather is being such a tease lately, which can wreck havoc on your skin. Given this, I thought I’d share two of my favourite moisturizing products.

The Weleda Wild Rose Pampering Body lotion is luxurious, yet light and the scent is very fresh and natural (not floral – for those of you who are prone to scent-induced headaches). It also absorbs very well and it is not greasy. I’ve tried quite a few natural body lotions and this is hands down my favourite.

The Sukin Rose Hip oil is a great 360-degree beauty product (i.e. moisturizer, body lotion, cuticle oil, hair oil etc.), however I prefer to use it as a serum. The only thing about this oil is the smell…it’s not the nicest, but I take that as a good sign. Usually the products that smell amazing have all sorts of things in them (think George’s Marvelous Medicine). I am a big supporter of this company (not just because it is Australian) but because it is committed to providing completely natural skin care that is affordable.

Easy Updo

Easy UpdoThis is a very easy updo I often resort to when my hair isn’t behaving well or when I want to get it off my neck for work. I have worn it in posts here and here.

It works best with mid-length to long hair, however if you have shorter hair, it may be better to pull your hair into a ponytail instead of a half bun in Step 2. If you prefer to wear your hair looser at the front, make your adjustments before you tuck your hair into the nest (Step 3) because this is when it is easiest to loosen up hair from the back and sides. You can always add a little pearl accessory into the centre of the fold if you are going to a wedding or a formal occasion.

The Perfect Manicure

Perfect ManicureA professional manicure is a nice treat on special occasions, but weekly, it becomes very expensive. To get a perfect manicure at home, first ensure you paint your nails somewhere with strong light and make sure you are not working with old polishes because they become very gloopy and guarantee a poor result. They will also take much longer to dry, which means you will most likely end up with a juicy imprint. If you have long hair, tie it back or else you might get a loose strand dragging across your freshly painted nail.

My must-have tools/products:

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover: Having neat cuticles is crucial for a professional looking manicure. I love this remover because it is faster and easier to use than a cuticle trimmer. I also think it provides better, smoother results. Be careful not to spill it on anything though – it can damage surfaces.

Revlon Stainless Steel Nail Groomer: I cannot do a manicure without this tool. It is perfect for gently reshaping the cuticle and evening out the area under your nail.

Tweezerman Rockhard Cuticle Nipper: Excellent at getting rid of hangnails.

Buffer: If you don’t have time to polish your nails OR you want a really shiny manicure, use a buffer. I find they do need to be replaced fairly often for you to get a really shiny result, but it is well-worth it. This can be an ideal alternative to polish when you are travelling for a long period of time and you don’t want to deal with chips.

Crystal Nail File: For years I used metal files and then disposable files until someone gave me one of these. Without a doubt, this is the type of file you should use for the best, smoothest result.  They are durable and last for a long time.

Base & Top Coat: Always use a base and top coat. I am not as fussy about the quality of my base coats because most of them seem to do fairly well. The top coat is the most important and I prefer fast drying top coats, even though they tend to have more shrinkage issues. Shown above are my favourites – the Deborah Lippman ‘Fast Girls’ Base Coat and Addicted to Speed Top Coat. Another good fast drying top coat is the famous Seche Vite.

Simplify Your Beauty Routine: Lipstick

Red LipstickClassic red lips brighten the face and look good on everyone, no matter what their age or ethnicity is. It shortens your daily makeup routine significantly because it calls for less eye makeup.

Unfortunately, the majority of women shy away from the strongly pigmented colour and prefer glosses, convinced they will look like a clown. Have you seen a clown? It would take a lot of effort on your part for that to happen. Seeing such a bright colour on your face is an adjustment but I promise you, you will not look like a clown. Plus your hair won’t stick to your lips like it does with gloss. Just remember not to overdo the rest of your makeup and don’t choose a shade that is too maroon or dark as this can look a little foreboding.

My rule of thumb for lipstick: try to own no more than three (unless you are in the beauty industry. Lipstick should technically be thrown out after 12 to 18 months anyways). Otherwise you are giving yourself too much choice and you will deliberate too long when you are getting ready/packing.

The three should all serve a different purpose. I have one for evening or more formal occasions (a deeper red); one for everyday use (brighter red); and one that is a more subtle, moisturizing pink tone. I appreciate that everyone has their favourite brands but I will say that Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Lip Colour is without a doubt the best for really dry lips. Even better than chapstick (which doesn’t even work), oil, vaseline, liquid rainbow…you get the idea. Happy Valentine’s Day!