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Valentino Espadrilles

Valentino EspadrillesEspadrilles, worn by the likes of Lauren Bacall and Grace Kelly, will always remain a warm weather classic. Paired with silk shorts, loose trousers or dresses, they are extremely versatile. However, with the rise of white-soled slip-ons and birkenstocks, and the always in-style canvas Converse sneakers, what use is one more “practical” shoe? Perhaps the essential espadrille should be more dressy, particularly as comfort shouldn’t always be informal. What better way to keep your look soft, feminine and elegant than with  ballerina-pink lace Valentino espadrilles? Unlike the Tom-type closed canvas shoes, these could easily be worn to dinner and maybe even a light-hearted outdoor wedding.

Printed Pants

Printed Pants

Printed Pants 2

Zara Blazer(Aritzia Marais pants, Zara blazer (similar here), Aritzia Sleeveless top (similar here),
Vince Preston Slip-Ons, Ray Ban Wayfarers, Prada Saffiano Tote (similar here))

Silk printed pants are one option I am loving for spring. Relaxed and effortless, they are a useful transitory piece into summer.  For cooler weekends / evenings spent at the beach, throw on some Converse sneakers or slides and a sweater and for dressier evenings, opt for a blazer and heels or pointed flats. For those who tend to wear a lot of solid colour, printed items are nice way to reinvigorate your wardrobe. When wearing patterns, I like to keep everything else plain and simple. I do not think these will look obsolete in years to come, however this is largely dependent on the pattern and cut. Case in point, I tried a pair on with giant sunflowers and birds (mostly out of sheer curiosity) and I was strongly reminded of a batty old music theory teacher I once had. Choose your pattern wisely…

The Boyfriend Shirt

The Boyfriend Shirt(Aritzia Bradbury Shirt, Mineur Shorts (similar here), Victoria Beckham Two Tone ClutchMatilda Sandals,
Dior Cat Eye Sunglasses)

The perfect boyfriend shirt is a wardrobe staple that will take you through the seasons, acting as a layering piece in the winter and a stand alone piece in warmer weather. Its relaxed silhouette is perfect to pair with drapey shorts / skirts for more of an evening look or with skinny jeans / boyfriend jeans for the ultimate laid-back weekend outfit. Roll the sleeves up, throw on some cat eye sunglasses and enjoy the breeze. Made from a soft, breathable, lightweight cotton, this one from Aritzia has my vote.

The Casual Blazer

Spring Outfit

Theory Blazer

Spring Outfit 3(Theory Blazer (similar here), Rag & Bone jeans, Aritzia top (similar here), Tory Burch Loafers, Ray Ban Wayfarers, Celine Trio)

The sun is shining, the grass is green…and I am cold. It has to be a really humid 20+ for me to be able to go jacketless and in Vancouver, there is always a bit of a cool breeze that can leave a chill. Enter The Casual Blazer. Casual blazers should be able to be worn to work, but suit blazers can’t always be worn casually. The perfect casual blazer in my opinion has the following qualities:

Collarless.  Collarless blazers are the epitome of minimalistic, chic style. Their unobtrusive design around the neck and collarbone provide a wonderful opportunity to showcase an elegance through the neck that ballet dancers demonstrate perfectly.

Slightly oversized fit.  By oversized I am not meaning Michael Jackson-style. Think in vertical lines. It should fall straight down your shoulder and straight down the body. If you can fit a thin to medium-sized knit underneath, it is the perfect size.

Buttonless.  The purpose of this piece is to keep the breeze off your arms and not necessarily to keep the wind out, as it is still spring…


BirkenstocksCredit: Vogue UK

Birkenstocks. A man repeller if I ever saw one. Yet this year and last they have been dubbed the It shoe of the season. While these shoes have recently become darlings of fashionistas’ closets the world over, they were not always such celebrated pieces in high fashion. Indeed, for most, they conjure up images of 70+ grandpas and unfashionable tourists trudging around in the heavy, orthopaedic-type shoes.

But long-time lovers of Birkenstocks have cause to celebrate as they are currently as popular as ever. There are no rules to pulling these off. Dresses, cropped pants, silk-printed trousers, shorts, maxi skirts – I have seen them all and it never fails to surprise me that they actually look good. The feminine and masculine pairing gives way to a strong, assured look that exudes an incredibly appealing nonchalant air. The more I see them, the more I like them. The key with these, in my opinion, is to stick to the black version or, for the more fashion forward, the white ones.

While Birkenstocks have repeatedly fallen in and out of trend throughout the years, they will always have a solid fan base. They are, however, definitely not for the faint of heart. If you are confident you can and will pull off such a look once the main street trend has fizzled and died and they return to being classic German sandals, go for it. If not, I suggest remaining an admirer (assuming you are one in the first place).